Ltechstars-logo-rectangle-color-RGB_rgb_400_300uke Beatty, from Techstars to AOL to constructing a multi-million dollar company right here in Colorado, has quite the story. This Colorado native started in digital media where he found himself navigating the world of search. After experiencing many different companies, he decided to start a company called Associated Content, a crowdsourced media platform. Soon after, Associated Content was sold to Yahoo in 2010, where Luke stayed on for several years, eventually, moving to TechStarts in Boulder. After a quick jaunt, Luke had a pivotal role in revamping AOL and worked on the acquisition of AOL to Verizon. No question, Luke’s career has been to the moon and back.

Luke displays all the qualities of a self-starter and using his experiences to not only develop his own company but also revamp technology giants.

Interviewed by Executive Director of Project X-ITE, Erik Mitisek, and Student Innovation Fellow, Nathan Egan, Luke shares his story of experiencing companies, building a company, and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

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