revolar-logo-squareJackie Ros, the fearless co-founder and CEO of Revolar, joins us to talk about innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.  


Revolar is one of the hottest wearable startups in Colorado – the company makes a discrete wearable technology that clips onto your clothing. At the touch of a button, Revolar allows users to alert someone if they are in danger, trigger a phone to ring to excuse you from an uncomfortable situation, or send for help.

Jackie exemplifies all of the qualities of a great leader and innovator that we are looking to introduce to students, alumni, and broader Colorado community. From starting her career with Teach for America to launching her own wearable tech company, Jackie has an unrivaled story and tons of entrepreneurial advice for our listeners.

Interviewed by Executive Director of Project X-ITE, Erik Mitisek, and Student Innovation Fellow, Ryan Wells, Jackie shares the story of building Revolar and what she has learned along the way.

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