unknown-2Marshall Miller is a senior at the University of Denver, working towards his B.S. in Computer Science. He is President of Dynamize, a student run entrepreneurship club, and he is a member of the Delta Iota chapter of Sigma Chi. He is also a member of the Project X-ITE student advisory board. Marshall is looking toward the future of business through entrepreneurship and works hard to help the local community.

Currently Marshall’s tasks with the student advisory board are focused on connecting students with events hosted by Project X-ITE, including speaking events with the upper echelon of Denver’s business leaders.

 “I am confident that Project X-ITE will not only help the University of Denver to be a key player in Denver’s tech and innovation community but also it will inspire students to become more entrepreneurially minded.” says Miller. 

Marshall describes Project X-ITE as a program that uses innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship to help the students, local businesses, and the community. In Marshall’s opinion the use of “cutting edge business practices and applied science” to bring in new ideas is an exciting thing to witness. Marshall spends time working with X-periment project as well. It’s a great fit for Miller as he is passionate about connecting new Denver businesses with students looking for work or experience.

A native of Portland, Marshall and has slowly but surely adjusted to Denver life. When he isn’t working toward his degree, Marshall enjoys drinking coffee, reading books, playing Settlers of Catan with friends, or pursuing his passion of web development. He also enjoys staying active.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Project X-ITE team, contact us for more information.

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