Project X-ITE’s 2018 Gift Guide

Whether it’s a parent, brother, sister, friend, cousin, or even a neighbor, there are people in our lives who are known and loved for the unique things that they do. This holiday season, we put together a gift guide that will help you help them.

Check out our curated list of products and services, which include companies founded by DU students and alumni. We encourage our X-ITE community to empower our entrepreneurial students by considering supporting DU student and alumni founded products and services for your friends and family. Maybe you’ll even find a little something for yourself this holiday season.

DU Student- and Alumni-led Companies

For the woman who cares about her health and owns it

Boobi Butter

Boobi Butter is a female-founded company whose goal is to encourage women to perform regular breast-massages and self-checks with their breast care products. A gift like this is perfect for all the women in your life, as they should all be doing regular self-check-ups! Check out the video below that was created last year celebrating Boobi Butter’s success as they went onto compete at Startup Weekend Paris.

For the outdoor enthusiast

Slope Threads

Slope Threads is another female-founded company by a recent MBA graduate who is currently a participant in X-ITE’s inaugural Incubator X program. If you’re looking to ski in style, but you don’t have all the gear, consider “Renting the Runway” for outdoor apparel! Check out Built In Colorado’s feature on Slope Threads here!

For the one who has everything


PocketChange is a microgiving platform that empowers you to change the world at the click of a button. Through a button that sits on Facebook, Twitter, and other websites, PocketChange allows you to donate between 25¢ – $2 to the most impactful charity when at the exact moment you’re inspired. Introduce your friends and family to PocketChange, and start giving all year long. Learn more here.

For the one you want to share an experience with

Comal Heritage Food Incubator

Take your family out to Comal for a unique lunch experience. Comal is a food incubator managed by a DU alumnus and is both a lunch restaurant and on-the-job training program for women who want to start their own business. Enjoy delicious eats from Mexico, El Salvador, Syria, Iraq and Ethiopia – the menu rotates depending on the day of the week! Learn more here.

For the one who’s always giving

Laudato Si’ Challenge

Make a donation to the Laudato Si’ Challenge as your special and impactful gift. This challenge is focused on improving the lives of 10 million refugees, migrants, and other internally-displaced individuals by 2020 through businesses that are innovative, sustainable, empowering and ethical, including Leaf Global Fintech, which was founded by a Project X-ITE alum.

Other Cool Ideas

For the one who is always late

MVMT Watches

MVMT does a great job of varying their product types, ensuring that they have what you’re looking for. When you pair their quality and price point with exceptional customer service (returns are your best friend), it’s impossible to go wrong.

For the one who breaks everything

Eco-Friendly Moldable Fixing Sticks (great for a stocking stuffer)

Nothing like a backhanded present! These are ideal for the people in your life who somehow manage to destroy everything in their path.

For the one whose phone is always dead

Wireless Power Bank

This is one of those presents that you don’t realize you need until you have it. Perfect for that person who somehow manages to take a dead phone with them everywhere.

For the one who’s always hosting

Sobro Smart Coffee Table

Maybe it’s finally time for you and your friends to pitch in on a gift for the person whose house you’re practically living at. Or maybe they just have a century-old coffee table that creaks whenever you eat on it. Either way, the Sobro is perfect for a room of entertainment.

For the one whose walls are bare

Retro Pop Art by Dai Chris

Dai Chris does a great job of capturing both the past and present icons of pop culture while stylistically replicating the 1980’s Pop Art phenomenon. This is the perfect gift for your teen who needs something on their walls.

For the one whose wallet is made out of duct tape

Executive ID Wallet with Customizable Monogram

Bosca’s products are top-of-the-line, and although the price point isn’t the lowest out there, it’s definitely worth it. They have a wonderful selection of both men’s and women’s products.

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