BasiX is a workshop series that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit and provides concrete tools for curious students and community members. BasiX will provide foundational resources that are applicable across disciplines, industries, and career paths. BasiX allows participants to dive into the ideas and concepts that can help them be innovative and indispensable to any team.

(All Basix Workshops will be held in Margery Reed Room 119. Parking information will be provided to all registrants prior to the workshop. Contact with any questions).

Entrepreneurial Mindset with Stephen Haag | April 3, 2018 6-8pm

Having an entrepreneurial mindset is critical to personal and professional success. Whether innovating within a Fortune 500 company, launching a startup, or simply re-thinking a process, having a toolkit of entrepreneurial skills is key to making change happen. We’ll explore basic approaches to innovation, what it means to be an entrepreneur, and much more.


  • Anyone interested in the basics of starting up
  • Has an idea but needs more information about starting up

Design Thinking with Michael Caston | April 10, 2018 6-8pm

Design Thinking is a methodology used to solve problems and find human-centered solutions. This workshop will teach you how to use design-thinking for your own startup, project, or prototype. Learn the skills to focus on solutions and actions that will resonate with customers and clients.


  • Anyone interested in learning design-thinking
  • Has a startup but needs to re-think some processes or ideas
  • Has an idea but doesn’t know if it’s enough to start a company

Business Planning with Katie Payer, Katie Payer Consulting | April 17, 2018 6-8pm

Your business model is the heart of your company – it answers all the questions that your employees, investors, and clients want to know, and helps you determine your mission, your goals, and your vision for the future. Creating a business plan is no easy feat, but we’ll help you think through valuation, revenue models, growth plan, competition, and differentiators.


  • Interested in business planning theory & application
  • Has a startup but needs a more concrete plan
  • Has an idea but wants to build a plan to startup

Legal with Rehan Hasan, Kenzie Academy | May 1, 2018 6-8pm

Protecting yourself as a startup founder and understanding legalities as an employee are important to entrepreneurial success. Learn about everything from mitigating risk and entity types, to quick tools legal support, types of insurance and partnership structures.


  • Interested in legal aspects of starting up
  • Has a startup and has questions about legal structures
  • Has an idea but hasn’t yet started up

Marketing with SendGrid Marketing Team | May 8, 2018 6-8pm

This session will be a 101 on how revenue marketing works. The team will cover misconceptions of marketing in general, how marketing and revenue marketing is different from advertising, how you can track and generate revenue from revenue marketing efforts, and why it’s the future of marketing for businesses that want to leverage data to ensure money invested in marketing has a tangible (and positive) ROI.


  • Has a startup but has not yet generated revenue
  • Has a startup and needs new tools to drive revenue

Funding with Peter Adams, Rockies Venture Club | May 15, 2018 6-8pm

Finding startup capital is usually the hardest part of launching a new idea. This workshop will guide you through different options for funding, equity structures, timing and the basics of venture capital, crowdfunding, and grants.


  • Curious about startup fundraising
  • Has a startup and ready to start raising funds
  • Has raised funds but needs new sources or pathways

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