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To experience high-growth, cross-discipline learning, students will work with early high-growth companies to build the business and experience how companies operate. Project X-ITE will support students in cross discipline teams as they collaborate to deliver project-based work to client companies.

Concepts and ideas welcomed into Xperiment relate to the Project X-ITE mission and generally share a common structure:  cross-discipline initiatives that can benefit from quick-hitting, part-time project work (one quarter at a time) from a small team, typically consisting of carefully selected, subject-matter qualified students and faculty.

Entrepreneurs/Innovators provide:

  • 7-9 week project with clearly defined idea to be developed or challenge to be addressed
  • High growth business opportunity with clear benefits
  • Management and oversight of team
  • Access to senior leaders when appropriate

Project X-ITE provides:

  • Project review and evaluation
  • Recruiting of students with appropriate skills and interest
  • Oversight of faculty with expertise
  • Scoping of deliverables and outcomes

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Proposals are reviewed on a monthly basis, generally on or near the last Friday of every month (current schedule shown below), by a group of faculty fellows, entrepreneurs, and others who evaluate submissions based on the criteria as noted above.

Xperiment Project Review Dates

July 29 |  August 26 | September 30 | October 28 | November 18

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