Project X-ITE is staking out new ground where innovation, technology and entrepreneurship intersect.

The 21st-century pace of business and innovation requires increasing agility and creativity to stay on the cutting edge of opportunity. By providing a flexible, interdisciplinary network that adapts to the dynamic business environment, Project X-ITE makes the University of Denver the hub for current and future thought leaders.

This initiative formally unites a spirit of interdisciplinary research that has always been a part of DU’s academic culture, expanding its reach to include industry, alumni, and prospective students and faculty. With a powerful vision for the future and university-wide support, Project X-ITE will enhance the student experience and add value to the business community through speaker series, pitch competitions, design challenges, a startup weekend, entrepreneur resources, and more.


Kick the tires on entrepreneurship with Project X-ITE, learn from some of the best professors, entrepreneurs and mentors in the country and then we’ll help you kickstart your own business.

Building Real Life Ventures

Project X-ITE is developing unique opportunities for participants of all disciplines. The Xperiment drives real-life, faculty-led student projects accessing the entrepreneurial resources of the University of Denver, while Innovation Fellows encourage faculty to generate new ideas.

Cutting Edge Tech In the Global Marketplace

With widespread university and community support, Project X-ITE accelerates Denver and DU toward a position of global leadership in innovation and entrepreneurship. From the new level of applied interdisciplinary learning to the industry connections for students and leaders of today and tomorrow, the possibilities at Project X-ITE will continue to grow and adapt to keep pace with cutting-edge technology and business in the global marketplace.

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