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The X-Lab is Project X-ITE’s co-working space for student entrepreneurs on the University of Denver campus. The X-Lab is located in Margery Reed Hall Room 116, and is open daily for student entrepreneurs to utilize.

What does the X-Lab have to offer? 

Workspace for individuals and groups

5 Large whiteboards for brainstorming and ideation sessions

A great environment – work alongside other student entrepreneurs, get to know the Project X-ITE team, and meet alumni and community partners that frequent the space

Supplies – Sticky notes of all sizes, sharpies, expo markers, erasers, pens, paper, etc

2 Large TVs with speakers

Apple TV

Google Home

Chromcast Ultra

X-ITE Solutions

Come with an idea, leave with a plan.


X-ITE Solutions are Project X-ITE’s drop-in hours / office hours for students. These hours are times where students are encouraged to drop-by the XLab to learn about campus and community resources available to them to start and grow their businesses!


Wednesdays 1pm – 3pm

These open hours are staffed by a variety of people involved with Project X-ITE, including the Project X-ITE team, Faculty Innovation Fellows, & Project X-ITE’s Student Advisory Board. Once a week, SCORE, a mentorship organization for entrepreneurs, staffs the Solutions hours and talks students through business ideas and first steps to starting a business.

Meet Some of Our Mentors

Jon Fetzer

Hi, I’m Jon.  I’ve been a serial entrepreneur since college and have started and run everything from a speciality software company, a leading internet retailer, a drone attachment manufacturer, to a knowledge management company that at one time powered eBay’s international answer desk.

I have a degree in philosophy and economics and in 2014 was one of the first coaches added to an elite executive coaching practice that had clients from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.  On the volunteer side, I am a SCORE Certified Mentor and in 2017 have been a “Mentor for Solutions / Onsite Entrepreneur” at the University of Denver’s Project X-ITE, which is a cross disciplinary effort to engage students and the community in the realms of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.

In 2017 my focus was on the specialty retailer the Museum Company®, the 3D and document scanning company ScanGo™ and the drone attachment manufacturer Espheric™.   I serve on the advisory boards of the 3D printer manufacturer MiniMetalMaker™ as well as Precognize, a 
European based healthcare startup that has created novel technologies for computer based disease diagnosis.
Other fun projects I helped with in 2017 include:
  Consulted on pricing models for a healthcare startup’s mobile app which had successfully been accepted to trials in a children’s hospital.
  For a retail client, we employed in-house a Deep Convolutional Neural Network based AI system for catalog image enhancement.
  Advised a newly formed startup which is in partnership with a leading university’s with their formation and joint venture actives.
  Helped a local entrepreneur brainstorm the development of a consumer product – from prototype and intellectual property to packaging and manufacturing.
Last year I was extremely impressed with the student concepts and projects I discussed at Project X-ITE and very much look forward to hearing about your concept in 2018!

Ken Ryerson

CPA, Graduate from Denver University in 1980 with a master’s Degree in Real Estate and Construction Management and a SCORE mentor for 9 years.

As a CPA worked with clients from numerous industries. In the homebuilding industry, for 32 years, held positions in finance, treasury, accounting, purchasing, sales, insurance, legal, and IT.

Mentoring interests and expertise

As a SCORE mentor, counsel individuals seeking to start a business and those already in business. The businesses cover all industries and all aspects of business including legal formation, marketing, purchasing, sales, obtaining financing, personnel issues, and accounting. Assist with the preparation of Business Plan narratives and financial projections and research guidance.

There needs to be a greater connection between the Academic and Industry spaces in order to insure an individual’s smoother transition into the work force.

X-ITE Sessions

X-ITE Sessions is a podcast where Project X-ITE explores innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship with the brightest minds, leaders, and innovators in Colorado, the university ecosystem, and abroad.

Featured Podcast

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Season 2

Season 1

Innovation Fellows

Melissa Akaka

Daniels College of Business

Kimberly Bender

Graduate School of Social Work

Jesse Burne

Graduate School of Social Work

Michael Caston

Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science

Chris Coleman

Digital Media Studies

Patience Crowder

Sturm College of Law

 Past Innovation Fellows

Stephen Haag

Daniels College of Business

Laleh Mehran

Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences

Student Advisory Board

Utilizing student leadership is critical to Project X-ITE. The Student Advisory Board is a cross-disciplinary multi-level group spanning across the University of Denver committed to helping Project X-ITE offer opportunities for students to explore innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Anna Bernhardt | Co-Chair
Juris Doctor
Sturm College of Law

Thomas Bealer | Co-Chair
Juris Doctor
Sturm College of Law

Alex Lewis | Secretary
Master of Business Administration
Daniels College of Business

William Alverson
Bachelor of Science, Finance
Daniels College of Business

Reyn Aubrey
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
Daniels College of Business

Ciera Blehm
Bachelor of Arts, Business Analytics & Socio-Legal Studies
Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences

Jayne Butler
Master of Fine Arts, Emergent Digital Practices
Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences

Nathan Egan
Master of Science, Computer Science
Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science

Daniel Farrell
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science

Luke Johnson
Bachelor of Arts, Economics & Spanish
Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences

Hayley Miller
Bachelor of Art, Geography and Bachelor of Science Computer Science
Natural Science & Mathematics, Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science

Bessie Rice-Soley

Scott Romano
Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Arts International Business and Economics
Daniels College of Business

Stormer Santana
Bachelor of Science, Finance
Daniels College of Business

Jennifer Hope Wilson, MSW, IMBA
Doctoral Student
Graduate School of Social Work

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