X-Lab. X-ITE Solutions. X-ITE Session.


The X-Lab is Project X-ITE’s co-working space for student entrepreneurs on the University of Denver campus. The X-Lab is located in Margery Reed Hall Room 116, and is open daily for student entrepreneurs to utilize.

What does the XLab have to offer? 

Workspace for individuals and groups

5 Large whiteboards for brainstorming and ideation sessions

A great environment – work alongside other student entrepreneurs, get to know the Project X-ITE team, and meet alumni and community partners that frequent the space

Supplies – Sticky notes of all sizes, sharpies, expo markers, erasers, pens, paper, etc

2 Large TVs with speakers

Apple TV

Google Home

Chromcast Ultra

X-ITE Solutions

Come with an idea, leave with a plan.


X-ITE Solutions are Project X-ITE’s drop-in hours / office hours for students. These hours are times where students are encouraged to drop-by the XLab to learn about campus and community resources available to them to start and grow their businesses!


Tuesdays 5pm – 7pm

Wednesdays 1pm – 3pm

Fridays 11am – 1pm

These open hours are staffed by a variety of people involved with Project X-ITE, including the Project X-ITE team, Faculty Innovation Fellows, & Project X-ITE’s Student Advisory Board. Once a week, SCORE, a mentorship organization for entrepreneurs, staffs the Solutions hours and talks students through business ideas and first steps to starting a business.

X-ITE Sessions

X-ITE Sessions is a podcast where Project X-ITE explores innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship with the brightest minds, leaders, and innovators in Colorado, the university ecosystem, and abroad.

Project X-ITE Sessions: Katica Roy

Katica Roy, DU alumnus and CEO of Pipeline, joins us for a discussion about her experience in entrepreneurship for this episode of Project X-ITE Sessions.

Katica founded Pipeline while completing her Executive MBA at the University of Denver and is moving fast to make her vision a reality. Interviewed by Erik Mitisek and Student Advisory Board Member, Luke Johnson, Katica gives us a glimpse into her life as an entrepreneur.

Project X-ITE Sessions: Adam Cookson

Adam Cookson, DU alumnus and CEO of TekDry, joins us for a discussion about his experience in entrepreneurship, Shark Tank, and the path to it all, for this episode of Project X-ITE Sessions.

Adam co-founded TekDry while completing his Executive MBA at the University of Denver and hasn’t looked back. After appearing on Shark Tank, the popular show where entrepreneurs pitch to fierce investors, TekDry took off! Now in over 600 stores nationwide, Project X-ITE sat down with Adam to get a glimpse into the making of TekDry and the plans for the future.

Interviewed by Executive Director of Project X-ITE, Erik Mitisek, and Student Advisory Board member, Michael Bolland, Adam reinvigorates that entrepreneur spirit in us all.

Project X-ITE Sessions: Josh Scott

Interviewed by Executive Director of Project X-ITE, Erik Mitisek, and Project X-ITE Student Advisory Board Member, Ciera Blehm, Josh shares the story of Craftsy’s founding and the challenges along the way.

Craftsy is vibrant global community of crafters and learners where online class enrollments number in the tens of millions.  While classes range from baking to knitting, none of the four co-founders were able to do any of these crafts themselves.  So, how did four guys interested in building an online learning platform find their way into a niche they had no experience in? Find out on this episode of X-ITE Sessions!

Project X-ITE Sessions: Luke Beatty

Luke Beatty, from Techstars to AOL to constructing a multi-million dollar company right here in Colorado, has quite the story. This Colorado native started in digital media where he found himself navigating the world of search. After experiencing many different companies, he decided to start a company called Associated Content, a crowdsourced media platform. Soon after, Associated Content was sold to Yahoo in 2010, where Luke stayed on for several years, eventually, moving to TechStarts in Boulder. After a quick jaunt, Luke had a pivotal role in revamping AOL and worked on the acquisition of AOL to Verizon. No question, Luke’s career has been to the moon and back.

Luke displays all the qualities of a self-starter and using his experiences to not only develop his own company but also revamp technology giants.

Interviewed by Executive Director of Project X-ITE, Erik Mitisek, and Student Innovation Fellow, Nathan Egan, Luke shares his story of experiencing companies, building a company, and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Project X-ITE Sessions: Jacqueline Ros

Jackie Ros, the fearless co-founder and CEO of Revolar, joins us to talk about innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.  

Revolar is one of the hottest wearable startups in Colorado – the company makes a discrete wearable technology that clips onto your clothing. At the touch of a button, Revolar allows users to alert someone if they are in danger, trigger a phone to ring to excuse you from an uncomfortable situation, or send for help.

Jackie exemplifies all of the qualities of a great leader and innovator that we are looking to introduce to students, alumni, and broader Colorado community. From starting her career with Teach for America to launching her own wearable tech company, Jackie has an unrivaled story and tons of entrepreneurial advice for our listeners.

Interviewed by Executive Director of Project X-ITE, Erik Mitisek, and Student Innovation Fellow, Ryan Wells, Jackie shares the story of building Revolar and what she has learned along the way.

ompany, and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.