In the Classroom

So you want to be an entrepreneur? Awesome.

Are you interested in what it is like to be an entrepreneur? Project X-ITE is a portal for you to unleash your curiosity for entrepreneurship. Dip your toes, kick the tires, ask the right questions, and once you’re ready to go, we can help you connect with the best resources to hit the ground running.


Find out if entrepreneurship and start up life is for you.

SparX Speaker Series


Entrepreneurship professors with real world experience.

Explore everything from a single class to the 6-class Minor in Entrepreneurship


Life is too short not to love what you do. Fire, passion, living life to the fullest, working your butt off, and believing in yourself.

 – Abby Sparks DU ’12 (Abby Sparks Jewelry)


Hub Of Entrepreneurship

The University of Denver is a hub of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity for our region and beyond. We provide a variety of entrepreneurial opportunities through courses, degree customization, certificates, challenges, competitions, student groups and student-run companies.

Hands On Approach

Our approach is “hands-on,” with a cutting edge curriculum that expands into real-world opportunities to engage with successful entrepreneurs, pitch ideas to investors and launch new businesses.