Project X-ITE is a cross-disciplinary initiative at the University of Denver focused on the intersection of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Executive Director Erik Mitisek draws on 15 years of entrepreneurial experience to foster cutting-edge conversations among academics, business owners, students, and researchers from across Denver’s booming startup scene. Supported by the Daniels College of Business, the Sturm College of Law, the Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science, and a working group of business leaders, Project X-ITE offers an unparalleled regional hub for new ideas and connections that break through traditional industry segmentation.

A Place To Connect & Ignite Ideas

As a place to connect Denver’s creative thinkers from various fields, Project X-ITE is a starting point for a business incubator, customized degree programs, prototype development, and more. The initiative is already involved with leading companies, creating a learning catalyst not only for students but also for the industry and academic experts who interact through panel discussions and projects.

Building Real Life Ventures

Project X-ITE accelerates new learning styles and innovation opportunities among the community. The disruptive approach to learning and developing new technologies gives students unique perspective and access to the industry while leading the way for ongoing growth within the Denver community.

Connecting Students & Leaders



This is the foundation upon which Project X-ITE ideas are built. Whether the industry is food, medicine or consumer goods – technology is the platform where innovation thrives.


This is the success metric of entrepreneurship. The most successful ventures often reshape the way we approach and solve conventional problems.


The human drive, grit and determination to leverage technology and innovation to build a great idea into a successful venture.