Project X-ITE is pleased to announce the Chancellor’s Global Innovation Fellowship, a pilot program that will launch in Summer 2018 through the generous support of the Anchor Point Foundation.

The Chancellor’s Global Innovation Fellowship (CGIF) will provide up to 5 students (undergrad or grad) from across disciplines with a $5,000 stipend to apply their design-thinking and academic experiences to support a global organization that is actively pursuing one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals or Grand Challenges (Engineering, Social Work, or DU).

Students will source their own summer internships with a recognized and verified global social impact organization. The stipend may be used at students’ discretion, empowering them with the freedom to spend the summer pursuing their passions and learning from global and industry leaders.

In Fall 2018, Fellows will report back on the impact of their internship and key lessons learned. Project X-ITE will serve as a resource to the Fellows as they begin exploring post-graduate opportunities, and will connect them to local and national business and community leaders to serve as mentors throughout their time at DU and beyond.


Program Goals:

  • Provide students with the freedom to pursue their passions and develop their leadership skills without the burden of having to find a high-paying internship or job
  • Create stronger connections between students and the social impact / sustainability sectors
  • Encourage students to seek leadership roles that positively impact society
  • Educate students about the Sustainable Development Goals and Grand Challenges
  • Strengthen DU partnerships with international social impact organizations

How it works:

  • Students apply for the Fellowship and go through an interview process to gain acceptance
  • Students seek out their own internship focused on the Sustainable Development Goals and/or Grand Challenges. Project X-ITE will vet the opportunity and ensure that it fulfills the program goals.
  • Students spent 8-10 weeks working at their internship, and present their experience at DU during The Social on October 10, 2018.


  • Students must be current DU student (undergrad or grad from any discipline) with plans to enroll full-time during Fall Quarter 2018
  • Students must have a 3.0 GPA at the time of application
  • Students must be available to report out on their work during September 2018 (video reports are fine for those studying abroad in Fall 2018)
  • Students must have a demonstrated interest in working in a social impact or sustainability-focused company



  • April 6 – Deadline to apply
  • April 16-20 – Interviews
  • April 23 – Notification of decision
  • May 2 – Deadline to accept
  • May 9 – Meeting of Fellows with Chancellor Chopp, Brad Feld, & Amy Batchelor
  • June 1 – Deadline to finalize internship
  • June 18 – Beginning of Fellowship
  • July 18 – Mid-point check-in
  • August 18 – End of internship (flexible)
  • September 7 – Meeting of Fellows
  • September 17-19 – Review of reports / presentations
  • October 10 – Presentations


Applications for Chancellor’s Global Innovation Fellowship have now closed.

If you have questions about the fellowship, please contact

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