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  • Meet Anna Bernhardt: Project X-ITE Student Leader

    1 Mar 2017
    Megan Sumner

    Anna BernhardtProject X-ITE is pleased to introduce Anna Bernhardt, a Sturm College of Law 2019 JD Candidate and a valued member of the X-ITE Student Advisory Board.

    Anna grew up on a farm in New Salem, North Dakota. The work ethic instilled in her youth has carried over into her adult life. Bernhardt is involved in a number of organizations in the DU community including AIESEC, Chi Omega, Team 1864, the Dean’s Excellence Committee. She is a DU Law Student Ambassador 1L Representative and a group leader for Meeting of the Minds. All of that in addition to her studies and work with Project X-ITE!

    When asked about her interest in innovation, tech, and entrepreneurship, Anna says,

    “I believe that the future is most definitely powered by technology and innovation is the only way to keep humanity moving forward. Entrepreneurs are the driving force behind innovation, creating ground-breaking products and ideas that will continue to drive the economy, and frankly the world, forward.”

    While Bernhardt, admittedly, has little experience with the innovation, tech, and entrepreneurship worlds, she is eager to get more involved through her work with Project X-ITE. Inspired by the vibrant start up community in Denver, Anna looks forward to connecting students across the DU campus as they embrace their entrepreneurial spirit.

    “I am excited to see Project X-ITE break down the barriers between the different schools across campus by engaging in meaningful discussions and encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration.”

    She believes the Project X-ITE summits and pop-up events will be great opportunities to do just that.

    Despite her busy schedule, Anna recognizes the importance of balance and makes sure to factor in some down time for herself. She enjoys drinking coffee, reading fiction, and like most Colorado transplants, she has discovered a love for the Rockies and enjoys skiing whenever possible.

    Ready to get involved with Project X-ITE? Contact us to learn more!

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  • Project X-ITE welcomes Marshall Miller

    2 Feb 2017
    Megan Sumner

    unknown-2Marshall Miller is a senior at the University of Denver, working towards his B.S. in Computer Science. He is President of Dynamize, a student run entrepreneurship club, and he is a member of the Delta Iota chapter of Sigma Chi. He is also a member of the Project X-ITE student advisory board. Marshall is looking toward the future of business through entrepreneurship and works hard to help the local community.

    Currently Marshall’s tasks with the student advisory board are focused on connecting students with events hosted by Project X-ITE, including speaking events with the upper echelon of Denver’s business leaders.

     “I am confident that Project X-ITE will not only help the University of Denver to be a key player in Denver’s tech and innovation community but also it will inspire students to become more entrepreneurially minded.” says Miller. 

    Marshall describes Project X-ITE as a program that uses innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship to help the students, local businesses, and the community. In Marshall’s opinion the use of “cutting edge business practices and applied science” to bring in new ideas is an exciting thing to witness. Marshall spends time working with X-periment project as well. It’s a great fit for Miller as he is passionate about connecting new Denver businesses with students looking for work or experience.

    A native of Portland, Marshall and has slowly but surely adjusted to Denver life. When he isn’t working toward his degree, Marshall enjoys drinking coffee, reading books, playing Settlers of Catan with friends, or pursuing his passion of web development. He also enjoys staying active.

    If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Project X-ITE team, contact us for more information.

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  • Meet Nathan Egan: Student Advisory Board Vice Chair

    31 Jan 2017
    Megan Sumner

    img_8249Student leadership is a critical component to Project X-ITE’s cross-disciplinary approach and Nathan Egan has proven himself to be an essential member of the team. As the Student Advisory Board vice chair, Nathan leads efforts in the Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science as well as serving on the Project X-ITE X-periment subcommittee.

    Egan is active in Dynamize, the University of Denver’s entrepreneurship club, and he puts his studies in computer science to practice as a developer for EMS Relay, a digital healthcare startup that is re-inventing transitional care between paramedics and emergency rooms through groundbreaking technology. 

    “I am interested in the intersection of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. I love technology and what it enables us to do. I love applying creative solutions to problems, and I love the opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s lives in our community,” said Egan.

    “Project X-ITE has incredible potential to enable students to do great things.  There are a lot of different ways that could happen, but with its emphasis on cross-disciplinary engagement, experiential learning, community engagement, and the general entrepreneurial mindset, we are definitely heading in the right direction.”

    Nathan looks forward to helping Project X-ITE continue to bring together community leaders and students by way of talks, panels, fireside chats, and various other activities. He is especially excited by ideas on how to improve and build upon a DU Startup Week / Weekend.

    Social impact is important to Nathan. In addition to his involvement at DU, he teaches a beginner’s programming language, Scratch, to elementary through high school students and he is currently working to engage with past employers to bring programming classes to disadvantaged populations within the community.

    In his spare time, Nathan enjoys learning about Artificial Intelligence, specifically the art of automating tasks and decisions of increasing complexity. He also likes to get to the mountains for snowboarding and camping when he can.

    If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Project X-ITE team, contact us for more information.

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  • Welcome to Project X-ITE, Tom Bealer

    20 Dec 2016
    Megan Sumner

    BealerStudent leadership is a critical component to Project X-ITE’s cross-disciplinary approach and we are proud to welcome student leader, Tom Bealer to the team.

    Tom Bealer is a first year law student at the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law. He is a legal research assistant, member of the Dean’s Excellence Committee, and a Business Law Society representative. Bealer holds a business administration degree, with a finance emphasis, from the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business.

    Though Bealer’s deep-rooted interest in technology and how it impacts our daily lives may have begun with an interest in video games at age 10, he soon realized how important technology would be in each of our lives.

    “I became most interested in technology and innovation when I worked for a financial technology company. The company had created a new way to engage their users and were setting the standard in the industry. I realized a career built at the intersection of technology and innovative ideas was for me,” shared Bealer. 

    He enrolled in DU Law in the fall of 2016 and, in addition to serving on the Project X-ITE Student Advisory Board, he contributes to marketing and advertising for the disCOver Challenge.

    “Project X-ITE brings an entirely different style of creativity to DU and soon to Colorado as a whole,” Bealer said. “With a multitude of educational backgrounds and ideas at their disposal, students will be able to fully flush out ideas. More important than that however, students will now have access to resources never before available; Guest speakers, Educational Summits and Design competitions just to name a few.”

    He looks forward to championing more ideation challenges, in which students come up with creative solutions to everyday problems. The cross-disciplinary approach is bound to bring new possibilities to light.

    A native of Denver, Bealer graduated from Regis Jesuit High School. In his free time, Bealer coaches basketball and enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and fly fishing.

    Learn more about Project X-ITE’s cutting-edge work to break through industry segments, and join us!

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  • Introducing Alex Lewis to Project X-ITE

    13 Dec 2016
    Megan Sumner

    unknownProject X-ITE is proud to welcome Alex Lewis to the Student Advisory Board. Alex is from Sugar Land, Texas and is currently an MBA Candidate at the Daniels College of Business. In addition to Project X-ITE, Alex is also active on campus in Net Impact and as a Graduate Student Ambassador.

    Alex developed an interest in entrepreneurship at a young age while running his own lawn mowing business. He loved learning about the business, gaining new customers, and tracking the finances. Currently he is the treasurer for a small nonprofit in Denver and says he enjoys seeing how a small entity bootstraps their operations to maximize their dollar and their time.

    “Project X-ITE helps students with similar goals and passions connect across disciplines.  These connections create a strong campus, help students gain real work experience and meet others. I’m passionate about helping DU entrepreneurs solve their business problems using solutions across campus.”

    Alex is eager to work with Project X-ITE and looks forward to helping local startups connect with the DU community and vice versa. He has a love of the outdoors including skiing, cycling and running and also enjoys exploring Denver’s restaurant scene.

    If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Project X-ITE team, contact us for more information

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  • Luke Johnson joins Project X-ITE’s Student Advisory Board

    29 Nov 2016
    Megan Sumner

    image002Luke Johnson, a sophomore at the University of Denver, has ambitious plans: he’s currently majoring in finance, plans to add another major in Spanish, and he is considering minors in entrepreneurship, marketing, or real estate. And he’s recently become involved with Project X-ITE‘s Student Advisory Board.

    Originally from Des Moines, Iowa, Luke is a well-rounded individual. He’s involved in many University of Denver activities, such as Club Soccer and the COMPASS project. He likes to read and enjoys outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, and golf.

    From the beginning, Luke was passionate about entrepreneurship and all its variances. In high school, he created multiple businesses related to innovation and technology that included “flipping” items and creating loans. He currently co-owns an LLC for a developing company and is already brainstorming ideas for new mobile apps.

    Luke’s role as a member on the Project X-ITE Student Advisory Board allows him to provide a student’s perspective on the best way to move forward with the project and help it reach its full potential.

    “It’s not necessarily an original idea for universities to have a program like this, but with DU’s amazing law school, business school, and engineering school (which is growing like crazy I might add), we really have a unique opportunity to pull together forces from all industries and have a huge impact on not only the community and state, but the country and world, as well.”

    Improving student engagement is one of Luke’s missions as a student advisor. As a major advocate of the program, Luke hopes to someday see Project X-ITE host more hands-on student-to-student events, as a way to spread awareness about the program and engage new members.

    Ready to get involved with Project X-ITE? Contact us to learn more!

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  • Project X-ITE Student Profile: Meet Becky Stifter

    22 Nov 2016
    Megan Sumner

    Project X-ite is pleased to introduce Becky Stifter, a student leader on the Project X-ite Student Advisory Board and 1L law student at the DU Sturm College of Law.

    dsc_4887jpegBorn in Metro Detroit, Becky Stifter moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2007. Becky has been a design thinker her whole life – from solving problems like creating a chores list for her entire family when she was just 5 years old to creating “neighborhood businesses” every summer on school breaks. Her innovative spirit led her to UC Berkeley where she took as many entrepreneurship classes as possible to connect with a vibrant community of her startups, nonprofits, and small businesses. Becky worked with them to improve their operations, fundraising, and marketing efforts. And now Becky is pursuing her passion at the University of Denver. 

    “I’m excited to be involved with Project X-ITE because it fuses so many incredible brains in the Denver community, and directly correlates with the type of law I strive to practice, startup law.”

    Not only is she a student leader on the Project X-ITE Student Advisory Board; she also juggles a full course load, is a student leader on the Dean’s Excellence Committee, and teaches group fitness classes at the Ritchie Center.

    Becky is very excited about the future of Project X-ITE. She knows the importance of having a creative hub for ideas and creating momentum by providing resources to entrepreneurs. She is especially excited about the “Forge Clinic“, a program that allows second-year law students, in addition to attorneys and faculty, to give legal services and advice to start-up companies.

    In Becky’s free time, she loves to get active. Her hobbies include running, yoga, snowboarding, paddle-boarding, and trying other fun, new activities. She uses these hobbies to balance the sedentary lifestyle of being a student. She is also a fan of coffee- but only good coffee, and she’s the judge on that. 

    If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Project X-ITE team, contact us for more information.

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  • Project X-ite Hosts First Social Entrepreneurship Summit at DU

    15 Nov 2016
    Megan Sumner

    On Friday, November 11, 2016, students and staff gathered at the University of Denver’s Sie Center for an incredible day dedicated to discussions on social entrepreneurship. Project X-ite brought together domestic and international companies and organizations from the public, private, and social impact sectors to explore strategies, resources, and financing for innovative, socially driven businesses.

    The summit kicked off with a networking breakfast for guests before DU Chancellor, Rebecca Chopp, Daniels College of Business Dean, Brent Chrite, and Project X-ite Executive Director, Erik Mitisek each spoke on the importance of social entrepreneurship in the future for both our local and global communities.

    “It takes entrepreneurs and leaders across the world to really be able to catalyze and harness the framework of capitalism and business growth to do really radical and amazing great things.” -Erik Mitisek, Project X-ite Executive Director

    Speakers and panelists throughout the day were entrepreneurs who have started companies, who have engaged communities, who have built business models, and who have built cultures within their organizations to not just do well, but to give back and inspire others to be great.

    The summit was informative and laid back. Guests were invited to participate in Q&A’s with panelists, student-led interactive activities, and breakout, roundtable discussions during the catered lunch.

    Here are a few favorite quotes from throughout the day:

    Know what you know and know what you don’t know… and don’t be afraid to use Google.” Andrea Perdomo, COO & Co-Founder, Revolar

    I don’t think of being a woman and an entrepreneur as a disadvantage.” -Tamra Ryan, CEO, Women’s Bean Project

    To spark social change, you have to disrupt the status quo.” -Amanda McBride, Dean, Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver

    Gratitude matters!” -Matt Flannery, Co-Founder, Kiva

    The summit created a unique opportunity for students, faculty, and colleagues from different sectors to network and dive deep into topics that aligned with their passions. Guests left feeling inspired and empowered to move forward with their social entrepreneurial goals.

    Project X-ite team members were thrilled with the success of the event and are already putting together plans for the next one.

    “At the end of an event that we thought would be an exclamation point (but turned out to be a semi-colon) this team of motivated, dedicated, driven, incredible human beings helped pull off a day FULL of inspiration and innovation.” -Nina Sharma, Project X-ite Event Coordinator, University of Denver


    If you were unable to attend the event, be sure to check out the photos and video coverage on our Facebook page and the discussion on Twitter. And check out the great sketch summary by Mitch Bolton below! 

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  • Project X-ITE Hosts Generation Startup Screening

    27 Oct 2016
    Betsy Hart

    Over 70 attendees screened the film Generation Start-Up hosted by Project X-ITE at the Robert and Judi Newman Center for Performing Arts. Generation Startup shares the story of six aspiring entrepreneurs in the city of Detroit as they begin their imgres-5business careers. The six main characters were followed over 17 months immediately after they left their undergraduate programs and began work in the city. Attendees met characters such as Dextina, an aspiring slam poet and MIT Grad who began work with Rock Ventures. Through her trials and tribulations all attendees became intimately familiar with the struggles of a young entrepreneur living and working in the thriving start-up community that is Detroit.

    Other characters in the film include Brian and Avery, the founder and only employee of the garbanzo flower pasta company Banza, and Kate, a young female coder who turned her dismay at the lack of females in tech into a driving passion and thriving non-profit called Women Rising. The entire cast of characters presented a realistic and unromanticized version of what it means to be an employee and founder in a start-up.

    Post the screening attendees were treated to a three-person panel moderated by Tami Door – President and CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership. The panelists; Kate Caitlan, featured in the film, Matt Hyder a DU alum and founder of Recoup imgres-6fitness, and Raine Giorgia, the founder of the NerdNest, fielded questions from the audience about their trials and tribulations in starting their businesses. Immediately following the panel all attendees attended a reception featuring light snacks and drinks

    Amongst the attendees one female undergrad had this to say, “I really appreciated how authentic the film and Kate were. They definitely weren’t afraid to show the ugly side of being in the start-up community.”

    A male grad student shared this with project X-ITE team members, “I really appreciate that X-ITE was ableimgres-4 to bring this film here, I was very interested to see what the inside of an actual start-up company actually looked like. This film and events like this are why I want to start my own business.”

    A female member of the community and retiree had this to say about the film, “I love that DU is able to bring things like this to the community. I spend over 30 years in business and this film reminded me of some of my favorite parts of my career.”


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  • Rise of the Rest Tour Rolls into Denver

    6 Oct 2016
    Betsy Hart

    On October 4th, the Rise of the Rest visited Denver. Rise of the Rest was launched three years ago by Steve Case, founder of AOL ct9iq1oukaaywlrand current founder of Revolution, a DC-based venture capital firm. In light of the fact that 95% of all venture capital goes to startups in California and New York, Steve wanted to highlight entrepreneurial ecosystems across the rest of the country, and invest $100,000 in a company in each city. The 2016 tour visited Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, and Phoenix.

    Through his role as a leader in the Denver Startup community, and a personal relationship with the Revolution team, Erik Mitisek of Project X-ITE was approached to pitch Denver for the 2016 Tour. Erik pulled together a group of entrepreneurial stakeholders who worked from July to October to curate and produce programming that highlighted the best of the best of Denver startups and our robust entrepreneurial ecosystem.

    Click here to read a full recap of the day!

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